NCR Certification in terms of Section 25 of the National Credit Act

Debt Mediation & Debt Management


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Welcome To Accord Debt Solutions

Accord Debt Solutions assist over indebted consumers without consumers having to go under Debt Review/Counselling as an ALTERNATIVE for Debt Review /Counselling. We are the largest most experienced independent debt mediation company and have assisted over 40 000 consumers with 15 years experience. We were issued with NCR Certification in terms of Section 25 of the National Credit Act.

Debt Mediation Restructuring

Pay only what you can really afford and on what you really owe. Do not be intimidated into paying to Creditors what you cannot afford and on outstanding balances that you are unsure off or seem incorrect

Debt Dispute Investigation

Before signing any documentation with creditors and or offering to pay affordable installments, one must be sure that one can afford (over a long term) what one offer and that what is claimed is legally owed.

Debt Management

After having established and authenticated claims, affordable payments and claims must be attended to so as to have debts settled over the shortest possible period in terms of ones over indebted situation while utilising legislation


Correct Balances


National Credit Regulator


Service Delivery


Disputes To Third Parties


Through Accord Debt Solutions

No matter who you are Accord Debt Solutions can help avoid bankruptcy
without losing your assets


Debt Review, Intimidation, Harrasment, Debt Stress, Administration

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Discover The Six Stages Of Debt Management

Why waste time worrying about your debt when you could be debt free? Learn to take control of your financials with our online assessment application to Find out if you are over Indebted

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About Accord Debt Solutions

Accord Debt Solutions CC registered during 2002 to assist debtors (Consumers) with, debt re-structuring, conciliation, personal financial management and secretarial services, where consumers were over committed with debt repayments, to the extent that they were unable to pay towards their day to day and or their dependants living expenses.

Contact Information

Address: 317 Paul Kruger Street,Pretoria, Gauteng

Phones: 012 940 0029