NCR Certification in terms of Section 25 of the National Credit Act


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Accord Debt Solutions CC provide advise on emergency cash loans and can assist consumers to re-structure their financial situation to qualify for such loans, where they do not qualify for same at thetime of applying for it.

The National Credit Act allow for such loans to be made available to consumers as it does not form part of over indebted and reckless credit section of the Act.

Over-indebtedness and reckless credit

Application and interpretation of this Part

78. (1) This Part does not apply to a credit agreement in respect of which the

(2) Sections 8 1 to 84, and any other provisions of this Part to the extent that they relate 10 consumer is a juristic person.

to reckless credit, do not apply to:

  • a school loan or a student loan;

  • an emergency loan;

  • a public interest credit agreement;

  • a pawn transaction; 15

  • an incidental credit agreement;

For advice and or assistance to possibly obtain emergency loans, school loans or student loans, register or log in above and one of our trained intermediaries will contact you within three working days.