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Debt Management

Accord Debt Solutions assist over-indebted consumers, who are unable to take charge of their debt to help people deal with their debt and get on with LIVING THEIR LIFE rather than just accepting it and struggling to survive.

One of the most unsettling aspects of being in debt is dealing with the demands and threats from your creditors and to establish whether such demands are legal and or the claims by such creditors are legal.

After having established legal claims and having dealt with disputes on illegal claims, or during the process of dealing with disputed claims, one has attended to repayment of creditors legal claims after having established non-priority and priority claims.

One should constantly monitor creditors collection strategy, total charge of credit charged by creditors, possible write-offs, possible securitization of debt and certain other issues relating to creditors claims and attend to such issues so as to create a situation whereby one could have one's total debt settled over the shortest period with the funds that are available for creditors after having provided for ones necessary day to day living expenses and or dependents expenses.

This should be done on a month to month basis with the intention of having such debt settled when circumstances allow for one to be able to have such debt settled.

We can help REDUCE THE WORRY by dealing with the issues mentioned above.

We can manage, monitor your debt and debt repayments for you on your behalf, enabling you to concentrate on firstly providing for you and your families financial requirements and then your creditors at affordable repayment rates.

There are several factors and criteria that relate to your personal circumstances and your preferences that will affect what is best for you and we have fourteen years of experience and have developed a wide range of solutions to help people deal with their debt and have certain management systems that allow us to attend to dealing with factors and criteria relating to your circumstances and criteria.

Over and above the management systems we have trained employees, managing agents, legal representatives and advisers that understand your situation and ALWAYS ON HAND to assist you with any questions you have about our debt management services and to give advice on how we attend to efficiently deal with your creditors on your behalf.

We always ensure our clients are aware of, and understand, all aspects of the debt solutions we offer and through our assistance, it is our ultimate goal that you would gain sufficient knowledge and experience to attend to managing your debt on your own.